I researched several real estate schools before deciding on the Real Estate College of Colorado.  The Real Estate College of Colorado provides extensive knowledge of the real estate business.  The books are detailed, with good explanations for those of us who are brand new to this business.  The audio presentation was extremely helpful, reinforcing the written material.

The school staff are very supportive and always readily available to answer any questions.  They are happy to be there to assist in the learning process.

I feel that I came out of school with a thorough understanding of the basic real estate principles and Colorado real estate law.

The review tests were extremely helpful, along with the practice tests for the exams.  I did pass both exams on the first try!

A big thank you for all the support, flexibility and friendliness of all the staff at the Real Estate College of Colorado!

Dawn - Cortez, CO

I wanted to thank you so much for all your support and guidance througout my course studies.  I chose the two month study plan and was able to complete the course on schedule and went on to pass my test on the first attempt.  I attribute that to the structure and thoroughness of your program.  I followed each step to the letter and found that it really works!!  The materials were easy to follow and the staff was readily available whenever I did have a question.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to The Real Estate College for giving me the tools I needed to pass the test, and the confidence of knowing that I really get it!.

Malinda G. - Gypsum, CO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Real Estate College of Colorado for giving me all the essential tools needed to become successful in real estate! You really feel welcomed, relaxed and part of the team while you're there. The instructors all work in the field so they have the most up-to-date knowledge which was great! All of the instructors gave us helpful study techniques to help us breeze through the exams! I felt the college did an excellent job preparing me not only for the exams, but also for my career. I would recommend the Real Estate College of Colorado to anyone that is even considering a career in real estate. I'm well prepared for my career and look forward to maintaining contact with the college! Thanks again for everything!

Eddie E. - Pueblo, CO

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take my real estate course with a school that supported me every step of the way! The Real Estate College of Colorado gave me high quality, comprehensive training materials and professional staff support throughtout the entire process. Before that, I had struggled and ultimately quit another real estate training course that actually cost me more. I was totally thrilled to complete my studies and get licensed with the assistance of the Real Estate College of Colorado. I extend my sincere gratitude.

Wendy E. - Grand Junction

Thank you Real Estate College of Colorado. Not only is your material user-friendly, but your staff has been most helpful, supportive, and encouraging. There is an enormous amount of knowledge to be learned and retained in order to pass such an extremely hard test. The audio CDs and the well-written material made this possible! I am a single mother of two teenage boys who have already endured many of life's obstacles and challenges. Yet, thanks to your well-planned program, I can now accomplish my long-awaited goals and provide the furture for my family that they deserve. Thank you very much.

Leanna - South Fork

The staff at the Real Estate College of Colorado was very supportive from beginning to end of the courses and beyond.  The CDs were an important tool that helped me get started and retain the informaiton.  The written material was high quality and well organized.  I passed the exam the first time!

Terry W. - Cortez

I had enrolled with a cheaper school which claims to have a high pass rate before enrolling with the Real Estate College of Colorado.  I was literally in tears trying to understand the material!  Hands down the Real Estate College of Colorado program is better material, more comprehensive, and much easier to follow.

Brenda M. - Durango

I would like to take the time to thank you for the time and effort you have put into developing your Colorado Real Estate Broker license program.  I found the books and materials provided were very helpful in my studies. I found the instructors to be both very professional and very knowledgeabe in the subject matter and they were consistently availalbe to answer any questions that I had.  Even though I was a self-study student there was never a time that I could not speak with an instructor either by phone or through e-mail.  The extra CDs provided made it easier to understand the material that I needed to know.

I feel that the knowledge that I gained through the Real Estate College of Colorado has given me the edge to be successful in my new career as a Real Estate Broker Associate.  I look forward to my future.  Thank you for all your help.

Kurt S. - Hesperus

The Real Estate College of Colorado is truly dedicated to your success.  I don't think you could master the material faster unless you were a broker in a past life.  If you want to get out there and start closing real estate, get in here and take this class!

Martin E. - Durango

I spoke with your school today and signed up for the Brokerage Administration Course.  I just wanted to send a quick note and say "Thanks" and let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you.  You are all so professional and nice.  You answered all of my questions and made me feel good about choosing your school for my continuing education with my real estate needs.  It really was a pleasure visiting with you.  I will be sure to recommend your school to all future brokers.  Have a great week!

Larry C. - Trinidad